The Universal Tide


The universal tide: jacked on the cross
tainted down to the tow: forgotten seat dread
Everything I said was captured and fed
at the dust down
at the dusk: hold and go
As the airport got tight
and the blue/gray mutilated stratus sky was out of sight
I should’ve sown what I saw in a less than plain view
forming a white view board from which this can grow
from where the crows lowly glide;
are they looking for a home?
or are they out-reaped and looking low?
For a chill second I can beat;
the ships like broken bread
malted dread to level all those distorted hollow sounds

I wanted to delve and I wanted to feel
Of all the reeling
as it sapped all and everything
out the back mind ground to level dust
On a devil-cut mirror stretched to rage
In my cage I can’t be the fullest entity in another dimension
I need that place where the grip is soft
I need to be there where a coin toss determines nothing
The rotations last for as long as one can forsake
crystal glints of mirages more fleeting than rainbows
As gravity classifies and resists
all underwater sub-machine gun fires: a storm in a shot glass
this transpires to nullify all lost to random heavens
Low grade leanings; creased and worn
from a battle long forgotten
For victories returned to crust micro living
broken reeds: posed feel
no halos or smoking guns
grabbed tight, fast and blown

The dice repeats; one rinse and an algorithmic key
hoping for some secret chord beyond the promised land
Don’t go. Never. No
All fires flipped to the charred thunder
all lovers dipped into pools reserved for the afterlife
awakened callings; more bangs, less whimpers
the shown degree to what they say
put aside and boxed for another day
The seeds lost count and I am losing my sleep
Too hard to take the heat
with the fear level breaking the needle on the dial
as rocks turn to magma and the magma now an engulfing cloud
with no destination only suffocation
until I wake up and a new blue day awaits

Mothballed liver found fault
on the creases in his face
as he slanted to a crooked place
the gaze mutated to a duller shade of pink
and the stagnant wine retreated in an alchemic blink
a nation torn down
an abandoned and unedifying sink to leave no trace
let us all pray

No lines crossed
All spots and sparks; around an arc
marked full and hard
like the tyrant string pullers of fragile lights
soon brushed off crumb by crumb
to bring lanes to the next beams
I see the cheers
I keep walking
not letting go of the veil
all else is of no control
splinters in another wave


By Nicholas Peart

Published on May 2nd 2020

(c)All Rights Reserved

Image: Caravaggio – The Incredulity of Saint Thomas

Wishing On A Broken Bar


Part guided and semi galactic shots thrown
All the mattar and soiled hearts I’ve ever known
Rooted for me from the remaining station to be burnt down
As all the five-track loonies, jugglers and fools leave without a sound

I often made my bed from the head up
Physical resignment in strong metaphysical white glow designs
With the body statuesque and mute
but the mind a field of windmills in a hurricane

Stuffed men and forever hollow men
Straw clutching drones in Plato’s rutted cave
Where quiet desperation reigns supreme
All hope, vitality and energy weak and lean

Maybe the planets and stars are cruel to most
Perhaps the sun just wants to watch the world burn
Never listening always wanting ‘my turn’
Doing things ‘my way’


Poem by Nicholas Peart

Image by Empty Kingdom

©All Rights Reserved